September 18th
Stitch morning & Jacob's Join lunch followed by AGM
Raffle colour: Harlequin

October 16th

Stitch morning
Talk from Ken Jackson "Skipton's lndustrial Heritage"
Raffle colour: Brown

November 20th

Stitch morning
Talk from Carol Coleman "Barking Mad"
Raffle colour: Indigo

December 11th
Stitch morning
Christmas social with Show & Tell
Competition: Red
Raffle colour : Black/Grey/White/Silver

January 15th
New Year Social - Jacob's Join lunch
Stitch morning
Raffle colour: Lilac

February 19th
Workshop: Tapestry Weaving, Gail Marsh
Raffle colour: Yellow 
March 19th
Stitch morning
Talk from Joan Murray "Harlequins and other ideas"
Raffle colour: Blue

April 16th
Stitch morning
Talk by Jaki Bogg "Textile Taxidermy"
Raffle colour: Orange

May 21st
Branch Outing: Blackwell House, Cumbria

June 18th
Stitch morning
Talk by Alice Fox "Findings"
Raffle colour: White

Saturday 23rd June Samantha Bryan "Creatures"
Mixed media sculptures

July 16th
Stitch morning
Talk by Hayley Mills-Styles "Creative Embroidery"
Raffle colour: Pink

No meeting

September 17th
Stitch morning & Jacob's Join lunch followed by AGM
Raffle colour: Indigo

Saturday 6th October
Marna Lunt "Tactile Treasures"
Stitch, applique, found objects

October 15th

Stitch morning
Talk by Sue Ingles "In Residence at East Riddlesden Hall"
Raffle colour: Rust

November 19th

Stitch morning
Talk from Margaret Creek "Patchwork Journey"
Raffle colour: Red

December 10th
Christmas social with Show & Tell
Competition: Black/Grey/White/Silver
Raffle colour: Gold