Monday, 16 April 2018

Whit Monday Marches

An old tradition, not seen in Skipton anymore, which involved a day of celebration on Whit Monday. And what has this got to do with Skipton branch of the Embroiderer's Guild? Well, a banner held at Christ Church, where we meet, was in dire need of a bit of TLC. It was the banner carried on the marches; the Sunday School would set off from Christ Church and marched round the town collecting people from other churches. Finishing in Caroline Square, hymns would be sung and the crowds would then disperse for tea and games. 
The banner has been restored by three members of our branch - Enid, Gail and Clare, and what a great job they have made of it. Well done ladies! The banner will have a new life as an occasional altar frontal in the church. A lovely piece of ecclesiastical embroidery.

Wabi Sabi!

Wabi Sabi - not something you put on your sushi, but a Japanese world view centred on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.
What on earth is all that about!
Well, it was Jaki Bogg, our speaker at this month's meeting, who brought it up as part of her talk on her artistic journey, creativity and inspiration. We've all been there, stuck for inspiration or wondering how to tackle a theme or project we've been given. It's good to know Jaki gets stuck sometimes too and to hear how she works her way round the problem.
Jaki is a local artist but has also lived in France; she's a painter, sculptor, film extra, teacher and stitcher who likes to use the theme of fertility on her work. She has produced large pieces of machine embroidery before but her real love is hand stitching - slow stitching; boro - something new from old; dyeing, experimenting.
As a member of TAG (Textile Art Group) she was involved in an exhibition for the Royal Armouries, Leeds, based on Samurai armour. Initially unispired by Japanese rmour she researched and twisted the brief to suit her interests an ideas and created "The Mender" (see photos below). This is a fabulous piece of textile sculpture, a wife of a Samurai, a grandmother. we really enjoyed the slide show and talk. Thanks to Jaki for a lovely afternoon. Here's a link to her website.


Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Top of the Shop BBC 2

We're famous! Well a little bit.... maybe...
There's a new programme starting on BBC2 Top of the Shop with Tom Kerridge. It starts Tuesday 17th April at 8pm. Skipton Branch of the Embroiderer's Guild took part. Some of us were at the Farm Shop at Airton for filming and then the crew and Tom Kerridge came to our meeting in the afternoon. We are in the first episode - unfortunately (or fortunately considering how camera shy some of us were!) the bits filmed at our meeting are not included but hopefully we will spot some familiar faces at the other location. We weren't allowed to share what we had been up to until the production company gave us the broadcast times. Anyway here are a few photos of our foray into TV land, can you spot Tom? Photos were a bit difficult on the day.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

All-Age workshop

The Hub is a wonderful new cafe space at Skipton Town Hall and it provided the perfect venue for our Spring All-age workshop on Saturday 7th April!  With comfy chairs and pictures from local artists, it was a light and cheery refuge from the April showers.

There was plenty of help on hand from EG members.  Our visitors made little felt houses and cute birds, learning some new skills and making new friends along the way.

"such a relaxing day" - Maureen 

"thank you for making me feel so welcome" - Sylvia

pictures:  Joanna Haigh