Game of Thrones

Following the White Walker embroidery which created such a stir, there's now a tapestry! It's currently 77 metres long, covering seasons 1-6 but there's more weaving to come as the story continues. Do have a look even if you're not a Game of Thrones fan - it's beautifully made. You can view the tapestry in the Ulster Museum, Belfast form July 22nd - hope it's going to be permanent.

This is the link to the interactive tapestry. There's also an article about it and another one here.

Sew Near Sew Far

An article in the Keighley News spotted by our Chair: 
A community project run by the Bronte Parsonage Museum - Sew Near Sew Far, with Lynn Setterington - see the article below. It might be of interest to some of you. Lots of links in this post, hopefully any information you need will be in there somewhere!

Mini workshops AND Jackie Cardy!

What an amazingly busy day we've had! This morning we started with the mini workshops which were great fun. We also swapped the travelling books but were so busy we didn't have time to properly look at them all, so we are having the big reveal at the AGM in September. I will be posting photos as they come in from members who took part over the summer to keep things going so look out for that.

The afternoon was spent listening to an inspirational talk - The Accidental Filter from the wonderfully talented Jackie Cardy. Jackie took us on a journey from her first forays into embroidery with City and Guilds and her inspiration from Diana Springall to her present creations using felt as the base for her embroideries. She started using silk paper as a base and added velvets inspiredly 1950s patterns and those on Greek vases. Joining a felting group with friends led her to producing the wonderful pieces she brought to show us and that many of you will have seen at Woolfest and Yarndale. It was great to see her work up close, it's just gorgeous. What a lovely lady too! There are more photos on our Facebook page if you pop over there.

A fun filled day and the big reveal!

Looking forward to the last meeting, before the summer break, on July 17th; we have a busy day planned with some mini-workshops in the morning - take your pick from a needlefelted meadow, woolly lichen or some zen-doodling! Thanks go to Claire K, Gail M and Jill M for running those. Then to round things off we have Jackie Cardy in the afternoon.
We will also be completing the travelling books project when we all get our original book back. The plan is to photograph them and post on here and our Facebook page - might have to do it in stages as there's so much loveliness to look at! It's been a great pleasure to see what people have been up to as the sketchbooks have passed within the groups.

Mini workshop sample pictures to tickle your fancy:

RSN unsolicited mail

To: All Regional Chairs

Please forward this email to all Branch Chairs with the request that they, in turn, forward it to branch members and make this information available to members who do not have an email address... perhaps making a brief announcement at the next meeting.

In recent days a number of members informed Guild Head Office that they had received what they considered to be an unsolicited postal mailing from the RSN. This mailing was seeking a financial contribution to creating a searchable database of the RSN collection.... not be confused with the Guild's collection appeal! Many Guild members did not consider that they had given any contact information to the RSN and assumed that Guild Head Office had either sold or given away their details to the RSN.

On Sunday, CEO Terry Murphy, wrote to Susan Kay-Williams, CEO of the RSN, seeking confirmation that the RSN had not bought or been given any member information by the Embroiderers' Guild. Susan's answer, received this morning, is reproduced in full below.

Once again, we can assure members that the Guild has not and would not give away or sell member data to any third party.

Terry Murphy - CEO


Susan Kay-Williams <>

Mon 26/06/2017 08:17
Text Box: To: 
Terry Murphy;

You replied on 26/06/2017 20:18.Dear Terry

I can completely confirm that the Royal School of Needlework has used only its own data for the current mailing. We do NOT purchase data from anyone (EG, Upper Street Events) or anyone else. If we have this data then (without looking at every record) the most likely source is that they have completed a competition form at the Knitting and Stitching events over the past several years in which they gave their name and address and ticked a box to allow us to use this information. The point of the current exercise is to check that they still wish to receive information from the RSN. If they do not, we are removing them from our list.

(In fact this response indicates how little we use this information if they feel this is the first time we have contacted them.)

I trust that will clear up the matter for EG members ,your members have given us their name and address directly, even if they do not remember it.


Royal School of Needlework, Apt 12a, Hampton Court Palace, Surrey KT8 9AU, UK
General Enquiries: +44 (0)20 3166 6932

Game of Thrones

Following the White Walker embroidery which created such a stir, there's now a tapestry! It's currently 77 metres long, covering sea...