Priscilla Jones Part 2

Never has so much fun been had with a pair of pliers and a wax pot! Wax wasn't the only thing melting at our meeting and workshop today - the weather was so hot. Despite the heat we had a fabulous time at the the much anticipated workshop with Priscilla Jones making waxed fabric spoons.
We made wire spoon armatures and then, using her lovely collection of silks, applied small pieces to our spoons with wax. The results were all beautiful and all so different. Some chose to make birds and fish too. Highly recommended and very therapeutic. Our pieces pictured below still need some stitch adding and some embellishments but even unfinished we thought they were great.

First some of Priscilla's work to inspire us.

Our armatures and getting going!

A bit of stitch and paint on some pieces.

And some after the waxing.

Secrets and....

Here's a fun idea! This group of stitchers in Whitstable are making a quilt from people's secrets.... stitch your secret, send it to them (anonymously) and they will incorporate it into a quilt to be entered into the National Quilt exhibition 2018; entries by December 2017.
We have done our own community based projects but this is slightly different. The finished quilt should look amazing and it would be really interesting to read all those secrets! There is a link on our Facebook page but you can also access information here. Might have a go myself - my secret isn't online dating though!

Hand & Lock

Hand & Lock is celebrating 250 years of embroidery, by hosting a unique exhibition in London displaying both technically outstanding and beautiful pieces from around the world. This exhibition is a rare and exciting opportunity to see some of the finest embroideries in the world. It runs from 12th July to 13th July! 
You can access the Hand & Lock website here, for further details.
You can also try their  Facebook page.
Even if you don't plan on going to the exhibition, their website is worth a look anyway.

Priscilla Jones Part 1

At our June meeting we will be welcoming Priscilla Jones for a workshop on waxed spoon sculptures. We are all really looking forward to having a go and producing our wired and decorated spoons.
Priscilla's work is lovely, not just sculptures but mixed media pieces incorporating fabric, paper and stitch too.
You can visit her website here, which is full of gorgeous stuff!
There's also a great article about Priscilla here, well worth a read.
See Priscilla Jones Part 2 later in June to see the fruits of our labour at the workshop.


Claire has been running sessions in our meetings for members wanting to develop their sketchbook skills/ideas. Where to start with that blank page that seems so daunting! I came across this article at one of my favourite go to sites -;  sketchbooks and mind mapping for artists is full of really useful and interesting ideas about what you can do to develop sketchbooks to inform your textile art. You can read the article here. Happy sketch booking!

Creating a fairytale on the High Street

An early and somewhat soggy start on Monday for our trip to the M&S archive at Leeds University. We started with a talk about the development of the window display and merchandising from the start of the business as a Penny Bazaar up to today. Lots of of interesting information and images from various periods - some great fashions and not so great - knitted swimsuits! A tour of the galleries which have examples of vintage clothing items and household goods. Really interesting to see how they take inspiration from vintage labels and incorporate them into current designs; this goes for clothing too - fabric and style sources for the current collection. We were really interested to hear about Plan A which is basically a sustainability and environmentally friendly policy; new stores channel rainwater to flush the toilets and some stores have a sedum roof and walls, along with fair-trade cotton products. Well worth a visit.

 Lots to see and take inspiration from. We then made the short journey to the Lakeside cafe at Roundhay park for lunch, which was delicious.

Lots more pictures on our Facebook page (permanent link in the lefthand drop down menu)

Priscilla Jones Part 2

Never has so much fun been had with a pair of pliers and a wax pot! Wax wasn't the only thing melting at our meeting and workshop today ...